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I tried to delete a channel and reimport it. The import did finish successful, but the channel does not appear. It seems, that Hubzilla did not delete the channel data from the database and the second import failes without notice. This is at least confusing...
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It is ok to have the information left, that the channel was deleted. I think the user needs an information that the import was not successfull, as it was not successful. I may look into this tomorrow to give a proper feedback. However i did no development for a very long time...
Mike Macgirvin
It will now fail the import rather than successfully import a removed channel. I personally think it's pretty silly either way but don't see any reason to get anybody's knickers in a knot about it.
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Uh, i had no time to look into it. Anyway this seems to be more logically for me. Thank you.